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Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl wrap for a vehicle that displays a brands services and products.
Labels & Decals
a ribbon design element
Screen Tek logo. Screen Tek also performs parts printing.
Vehicle Graphics: Spot, Partial, and Full Coverage Explained

When it comes to branding your vehicle, you have several options. Let’s explore the three main types of vinyl graphics.  Although we do not offer private vehicle color changes, we do full wraps of trailers, vans, and other commercial vehicles.  For the most part, we believe that businesses can benifit greatly from spot graphics and partial graphics while not breaking the bank. Let's dive deepr.

Spot Graphics
  • Description: Spot graphics involve minimal coverage, using your vehicle’s base colors in the design. They are contour cut vinyl decals strategically placed to convey essential information about your business. They might entail your logo, services, phone number, email and web address.

  • Design Flexibility: Although spot graphics cover less area, they can still create visually stunning designs. By combining the color of the vehicle with the design, you can achieve interesting and memerable looks.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Spot graphics can be added or removed as needed as your business grows. They are budget-friendly and perfect for businesses that need flexibility.

  • Common Elements: Spot graphics often include your company’s info and logo, but also a simple and effective design such as a swoosh / stripe.

  • Subject to Change: If your business plan involves stages of growth, or you are unsure of what services you may need to cover in the future, you can easily make adjustments at that time.

Partial Vehicle Wraps
  • Description: Partial wraps make a good compromise between spot graphics and full wraps. They utilize the color and style of the vehicle in combination with your logo and branding to create a memerable and stunning design.

  • Impactful and Memorable: While not a full wrap, partial wraps still grab just as much attention.

  • Design Integration: Partial wraps seamlessly blend with the vehicle’s contours, resulting in an attractive in-between look.

  • Cost: Partial wraps typically are between $1,250 to $2,500.

  • In Summary: They offer more design flexibility and are potentially more noticeable than spot graphics but are less expensive than full wraps.

Full Vehicle Wraps
  • Description: Full wraps cover the entire vehicle

  • New Look: Full wraps can freshen up an old vehicle.

  • Long-Term Investment: While more expensive, full wraps provide unique branding benefits.

  • Cost Range: Full wraps typically range from $3,000 to $4,500.

  • Eye-Catching: Some feel that full wraps are more noticeable.

Cost Factors
  • Square Footage: Total area affects the price.

  • Vehicle Shape: Complex curves take longer to install.

  • Quote Process: Send us photos of your car (taken from straight on - no angles) and include the year, make and model as well as any design direction you may have. Let us know if you are leaning in any particular direction between spot, partial, and a full wrap.

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