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Screen Tek is a leading producer of high quality die cut materials. Die cutting is normally faster and much more cost-effective than other conventional types of cutting processes. We strive to achieve minimum tolerances on critical dimensions using steel rule cutting dies. Each die cut part is produced according to your exact specifications.

We produce custom die cut parts in a variety of shapes and sizes from a wide array of materials including polycarbonates, polyester and foam gasket materials.

The die cutting process is how we cut the final product out of the full printed sheet.
Die Cutting
Gold ribbon used for design.
Screen Tek logo. Screen Tek has many capabilities to produce technical graphics.
Screen printing process with a vinyl material and red UV cured ink.

Screen Tek offers high quality screen printing services using a wide variety of materials including plastics, polycarbonates, polyesters, metals and many other materials. The durability of screen printed products makes it a good choice for many applications and environments. The image clarity and color richness is superior compared to other forms of printing.


We can print on flat substrates and three dimensional parts. We offer turnkey solutions to meet your custom graphic printing needs.

Screen Printing

Our digital printing services provide the best options for short-run or low-volume print jobs. Our wide format digital printing services are used in creating banners, labels and full wrap graphics for vehicles. Our digital printing services provide you with high resolution and vibrant colors.

Digital printer used in the production of vinyl wraps, UL Labels and decals.
Digital Printing

Screen Tek offers laminating services for protection and added durability to your printed materials. Our laminating capabilities also allow adding custom adhesives to overlays, gaskets and shielding materials.

Laser cutting process used to make prototypes and cut precise shapes.

The combination of smooth edges, accuracy and repeatability makes laser cutting a cost-effective and attractive alternative to other cutting technologies. Laser cutting also offers prototyping flexibility without tooling expenses.  Our expertise in providing the right combination of cut variables makes it possible to cut a wide variety of materials quickly, cleanly and accurately.

Laser Cut & Engrave

Embossing is the process of shaping material using custom made dies and pressure to create a button or key that is raised on the material. The raised part of the label is three-dimensional giving the look of the overlay a functional and creative design. These embossed overlays or keypads can be found in many industries, from your household appliances, computers, electronics, and medical equipment. Our state of the art machines can emboss the button or key shape of choice in a number of different materials.

The embossing process is how to press or imprint a shape or ADA braille into a sign.
An illustration of graphic design.

Our graphic design team can take your label or graphic overlay from a thought to a finished product. Many customers supply their own art to us. If you are uncertain about the type of art required, please give us a call and we will help you.


  • Vector Artwork - Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Always include font files or convert fonts into outlines.

  • Raster Image Files - (.tif, .jpg, .png, .psd) These formats need to be high resolution to avoid pixilation.

  • Portable Document Format - (.pdf) This format can be distributed and viewed by users with Acrobat Reader. The usability for artwork depends on the application used to create the file. Images contained in .pdf format need to be high resolution, raster or vector art.

  • Word Processing / Microsoft Office - (.doc, .xls, & .ppt) These types of files are not preferred as artwork.  Please contact our staff for guidance.

Graphic Design

Screen Tek produces quality prototypes in 1-2 weeks with 24-48 hours being possible by combining screen and digital printing with our digital cutting and laser cutting technology.

We provide custom imprinting, decorating and marking on your supplied items that require close tolerance printing. We can imprint a wide variety of materials including plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and many other substrates.

Product parts with screen printing.
Parts Printing
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