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Overlays, Faceplates
& Nameplates

Product Overlays or faceplates for the medical, electronic and other manufacturing industries. Printed on polycarbonate and other materials.
Apollo Spas product overlay for a spa tub. Has selective printing for an LED window and embossed buttons.
Technical graphic (product overlay) for Cadwell Industries medical product. It has a die cut portion and cut outs for LEDs.
Labels & Decals
a ribbon design element
Screen Tek logo. Screen Tek also performs parts printing.
  • Overlays serve as protective layers and provide a surface for graphic printing, creating functional and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Screen Tek, Inc. offers a wide range of overlay options, including:

    • Selective Textures: Different textures can be applied to overlays.

    • Printing: Graphics and text can be printed on overlays.

    • Embossing: Raised patterns or designs can be added.

    • Custom Shapes: Overlays can be cut into specific shapes.

    • Coatings and Adhesives: Specialized coatings and adhesives enhance durability.

  • Overlay materials are resistant to UV rays, scuffs, abrasions, and chemical corrosion.

  • Suitable for various industries, including automotive, medical, and utilities.

  • Faceplates are used for brand recognition, product identification, and equipment labeling.

  • They are printed with a wide range of color options and materials.

  • Ideal for various products and equipment, including appliances, computers, electronics, and HVAC equipment.

  • Nameplates serve as identification labels for various purposes.

  • They can include data plates, warning labels, asset tracking labels, control panel faceplates, and signs.

  • Metalphoto Of Cincinnati provides custom nameplates, panels, and more

  • The experts at Screen Tek can help you select an overlay material that offers the right protection along with the functionality, durability and custom decoration needed for your design.

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