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Shielding & Insulators

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In today's electronic world, Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) shielding is becoming increasingly important to ensure devices work properly. We provide EMI and RFI shielding materials, shielding gaskets, environmental seals and components.

What is EMI Shielding?

EMI shielding involves using specific materials and manufacturing techniques to protect electronic signals from external electromagnetic interference. It also prevents signals generated within a device from interfering with other components nearby.

EMI shielding can be accomplished in many ways and through various materials, For example, copper alloy 770, which consists of copper, nickel, and zinc, works best as an EMI shield for the mid-kHz range up to GHz.

EMI shielding is important for critical applications such as:

  • Medical

  • Military

  • Aerospace

  • Mass transit systems

  • Industrial touch screens

  • Navigation and vehicular control systems

What is RFI Shielding?

Any frequency that can cause electrical interference is EMI, but RFI refers only to signals that fall into the frequency range used for radio transmissions — usually somewhere between a few kilohertz and 30 megahertz.

Common Shielding Materials

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

In Summary

Given the recent improvement in technology, shielding components from EMI and RFI is only becoming more important. Implementing effective EMI/RFI gaskets and other parts will continue to be an enormous consideration for any device.


What are Insulators?

Electrical insulating materials play a crucial role in device manufacturing, preventing unwanted electricity flow and ensuring safe and reliable operation. They're also used to insulate from heat.


Common Insulator Materials

  • Kapton

  • Polycarbonate FR65

  • Polyethylene

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

  • Polypropylene Sheets (e.g., Formex)

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